Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wordy Part of Wednesday **UPDATED**

Good thing I made that "manly" looking heating pad cover the other day.It held ALL of the heat in and did absolutely NO good.

Back to Target I went...

for kitchen hand towels this time.
(They're thinner!)

I was smarter this time too!

I sewed in the velcro first!!


I pinned the velcro in place before sewing
so I wouldn't have to concentrate on keeping in lined up AND straight
at the same time!
Believe me... this was necessary!

may have had to rip out the first try of the velcro sewing job because I was going too fast and couldn't pay attention to both things!

It's a learning process... right?!

Here it is!
A little less manly this time... oh well!


One of my girls in my class brought me these yesterday...

How did she know I loved them?!

I think I had my nose in them for the first 15 minutes!

I may have told her she could bring me some everyday if she wanted to!

She definitely brought me more today!!!


At Borders the other night Westin was working on his paper for finals week...

This is the cover:Well... it was the cover for about 2 minutes.

Figured he should probably scale it down to just his name in order to turn it in!


If you're curious... I had my interview Monday after school!

In all, it lasted 25 minutes.

Mom was shocked when I called her so soon.

I think it went pretty well though.

Everything he asked me about I have experience with.

I'm supposed to know by the end of the week if I get a second interview...

...this time with the superintendent!!

And he wants to have whoever gets chosen on the Board agenda in May so it's all ready to go!

In 19 days (or less) I should know if I have a job for next year!!!


In 19 (school days) it will be SUMMER!!

I've got about 30hrs. lined up weekly at my new summer job! WOOHOO!

I may also be able to work Summer School since I don't go in until noon on week days!

But I haven't heard anything about the Summer Schools I applied for yet...
so not sure on those yet.



I just remembered a conversation from last night that made me chuckle and I wanted to share...

Westin: I think I might go see Wolverine Friday after my last final.

Me: Without me?! I have to work then...

Westin: Someone has to support us!

(Oh... just wait til you have a job!!!)


  1. So funny ... about your heating pad cover!! Who knew? I love your honesty!

  2. use those old pjs you talked about the other day and make some rice bags to use in places the heating pad don't get to easily (like your head). you'll love them, I promise!