Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures I've Been Meaning to Put Up...

A random smattering of pictures I've taken with my cell phone and been meaning to post lately...

Let's start with this one. Me in Westin's airplane apron that Mikey's mom made for him:Mom and I were frosting my birthday cake and she was wearing my strawberry one, so I had to wear his airplane one!

Here's my cake all frosted and ready to eat!!
(BTW, it was DELICIOUS... and is almost gone already!)
Here's Emily's birthday/Easter present all finished (finally!) before I gave it to her a couple of weeks ago:
And here's a picture Jenn sent me of Emily playing with the basket and letters! Yay! She likes it!!
Third Grade Field Day at school...
"Flag Tag"
"Sponge Races" (Had to fill the buckets as much as possible!)
"Long Distance Relay"
"Outdoor Dodgeball"
"Tire Races"
Some pretty field flowers that Westin picked me when we went for a ride out in his mom's great big backyard... I took a picture right away because I knew they wouldn't last me long!
The pink scooter at work that I told Mom she needed to buy...

then I crashed it 5 minutes later!

No worries... just a few pieces missing.

Should've taken a picture of my bruise!!!
The *NEW* Ducati Streetfighter... I love how mean it looks. Too bad I didn't get a better picture of it!
And one of my favorites...

My kids really peeved me off a few weeks before school was out and I made them all write about why I should ever do anything fun with them again. (They can't follow directions to do anything fun to save their lives...)
The bottom line of this one was the best... "because we love you." (From one of my boys!)

Ok... that's all from me for now... I still have pictures (and video!) from the Wisconsin/Chicago trip to get put up... I'll do it soon... I promise!!!

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  1. good job Katy!! I miss field days! They were so much fun!