Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monograms anyone?

Check out Monogram Chick's page for possibilities to win a super-cute travel mug or adorable tote bag -- PERSONALIZED FOR YOU!

And if you do, be sure to tell her you learned about it here... then if you win, so do I!


And I'll post my Wordless Wednesday later...

when I can get my phone to send the picture to my email!

Had my last class for Course I today in cake decorating!

Aside from my crumby base layer of frosting it turned out BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Hi katypie... your link to the monogram chick is not working right... neither was mine...but I fixed it... fix yours!! Cake looks great on facebook!!

  2. ps. i did teach the numbers about competition. At our house it went something like this... get four kids dressed, get four kids buckled into car seats, drive to target, get four kids out of van, go into target, go to school supplies, get all the gluesticks we wanted (16), pay for gluesticks, get in van, go home.

    the "competition" of going to meiers to save 48cents? get four kids dressed, get four kids buckled into car seats, drive to meijers, get four kids out of van, go into meijers, go to school supplies, find that they are out of glue sticks, stand in line with four kids, find out they have no idea if they will get more gluesticks, leave the store (walking by the bottle/can return which smells so bad that we have to hold our breath going in and out and sometimes walk over the lake of people's nasty/old pop and beer), get in van, drive to target (insert any store to get any item they are ALWAYS convienently out of), get what we need knowing I wasted more than 48cents worth of time/money/sanity!!!, vow to be very VERY happy that CT doesn't have meijers stores.

    does it show you how much i love you that i would offer to go there for you? :)