Friday, July 24, 2009

Overload on school supplies!

I really have the best Mom ever.

On Sunday night I emailed her a request.

Meijer has school supplies on sale this week.

2 pocket folders... 10 cents each... limit 30.

1 subject notebooks... 5 cents each... limit 30.

I don't have a Meijer within 50 miles of our place.

So I asked if she would stop once or twice this week and stock up for me?

I know have...

90 of these guys...

and 75 of these!

(Not these brands... just Google Images I found!)

But, I think I'm overloaded ready for school!
And it's only going to cost me about $12! Woohoo!


  1. we have a meijers two blocks away. let me know if you need anything else :)

  2. hey. sunday morning, i checked the target sale flyer and they had elmers glue sticks, 6 for a dollar. we need some, so we headed over. when we got there, they had 6 packs for $1 and 2 packs for 25cents. it only took the kids a minute to figure out which was the better deal. i wonder how many people buy the six pack without even thinking twice.

    anyway, the point of the story is... if you need glue sticks, target has them, 8 for $1 (unadvertised) :)