Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I cooked...

for myself last night.

Westin's on this "eat a big lunch and have cereal or something else small for dinner" kick lately.

It's driving me nuts because I've always been a small lunch eater and a HUGE dinner eater.

So last night I made my favorite meal from Kraft Foods and split it up into 5 serving bowls and put it in the fridge.

(Picture from KraftFoods.com)
So now I have lunches for the next few days and can eat a small, healthy dinner with him.

If you want the recipe, it's Italian Chicken-Pasta Skillet.



On another (food) related note...

We had to buy (another) new microwave yesterday.

Apparently the one we bought a tad over a year ago was CRAP because it shorted out and kept tripping the breaker.

So here's the new kitchen addition:

...along with the Best Buy 4 YEAR microwave warranty!

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