Wednesday, August 5, 2009

(Probably Not) Wordless Wednesday!

Birthday Cake I made for one of the guys I'm working with this summer:Wendy's thought it'd be a great idea to give me a fork to eat my Frosty:
In my unexpected extra time in Norwalk I went through this box:

It was full of these notes from middle and high school. I'd guess 85% were from McKenzie... 10% from Brooke and the other 5% from others! They've all been trashed now (trying to declutter!) except for a certain few I'm going to use for a "memory project". More on that later!Also on my extra night home Mom, Dad, Sean and I picked blackberries. Mom and Jessie made a pie out of them yesterday!
I babysat my cousin Eric's son Nate (with the glasses not making a face) and his two cousins Jonathan and Joey on Saturday! So fun!

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  1. Those berries look so yummy!!! Bet the pie was delicious! I just found some notes of Beckies too... Trash... but funny. How such unimportant things seemed so MAJOR back then, right?