Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Capture - Food!


This one was almost too easy.

Seriously, I LOVE FOOD!

Last Thursday afternoon Westin and I went to Norwalk.

We had said we were going to go to the Fair,
(how fun would pictures of Fair Food have been???)
but by the time we got to town it was DOWNPOURING!

So we decided just to visit with his Mom, and have dinner with my parents.

After dinner we Mom and Westin were cutting watermelon, freezing blackberries, cleaning cherries, and cooking/cutting corn.

I, ofcourse, went and stole Dad's camera to capture the action.

Westin skinning the watermelons:

and slicing them:

Frozen blackberries:

Helping Mom pour them into a freezer bag:

Yummy cherries:

The trash pile for Dad's compost pile:

And Boomer had to see what was going on!

For more You Capture foodie goodness, go to I Should Be Folding Laundry!


  1. Love that dog! No brown bear round here. Bummer~

  2. Doggie clean is always ready! Love watermelon!!

  3. We eat tons of watermelon around here. And that doggie is way too adorable.

  4. Love the watermelon....and the dog!!

  5. Watermelon! I'm really going to miss summer!

  6. I have never seen anyone skin a watermelon!

  7. All that delicious fruit, yum!