Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Capture: Peace.


This week's You Capture challenge theme was Peace.

When I first saw the theme my thought was, "I don't even know where to start with that one."

My second thought was, "all the Mom's who participate are going to have pictures of their sleeping children."

I kept thinking.

Saturday morning I went with my parents to the funeral for the father of my Dad's high school best friend.

I've been to cemetaries millions of times, so it wasn't anything new to me... but for some reason it had the most peaceful feel this time.

It was so quiet... aside from the locusts chirping. But that added to the peacefulness.

My mind was made up.

I decided that the next morning, while Mom was at work and Dad and Westin were golfing, I was going to take Dad's super-sweet camera and go visit my grandparents' gravesite.

Off to Milan Cemetary I went. Camera in hand.

I took some pictures of just the view.

I saw where the Mayor of Milan will be buried someday... joining his wife and son.

I saw where my *sisters'* great grandparents are buried.

I saw a bunch of just cool looking headstones.

And finally, I found my grandparents',

my great-aunt and great-uncle's,

and my great-grandparents' grave sites.

Apparently they've cut down the tree that used to be my guide for finding them!!

But now I know where they are again. And I spent a beautiful morning thinking about Papa and Nanny.

And listening to a chainsaw in the background. Oh well, I still enjoyed it and blocked out the chainsaw as much as possible!

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  1. You just couldn't find a more peaceful place, I agree. Never been frightened by cemeteries... I find they are very soothing places, where peace settles on you like a blanket! Beautiful Katypie!!

  2. I agree...these are people all at peace now. Glad your found the grandparents you have some extra peace too!

  3. I am surprised by the cemetery shots this week but I totally agree. That is very peaceful.

    Great shots!

  4. I'm glad you had the chance to go and remember those in your family who have come and gone. Very peaceful indeed.

  5. What a nice stroll through the cemetary. So many memories for you, and some lovely peaceful captures.

  6. It is amazing how peaceful a cemetary can be. Beautiful photos.

  7. Beautiful photos! And, yes, I'm one of "those moms!" With 4, when they're sleeping really is the only peaceful time around here! LOL!

  8. My You Capture was a cemetery too! Just a much smaller one! Great job!

  9. Beautiful! I love your captures.

  10. I guess, if you really think about it, a cemetery is a very good place to find peace. Great idea. I am sorry for your father's loss. That is so sad!