Friday, September 11, 2009

The reason I am a teacher...

**Warning - You may need a kleenex for this one... I definitely did by the time I was done typing!**

In 5th grade I'd go to her classroom every morning and practice spelling words or give timed tests to her 2nd graders.

At the end of every school year I'd help her take everything down and put everything away for the summer.

She'd "pay" me with a hot fudge sundae from McDonald's afterwards.

Through middle school and high school she welcomed me back to her room to visit and share what new things I was involved in.

When I graduated from high school, she retired from teaching.

For my college graduation she gave me a rubber stamp that said "WOW!" to use when I grade papers.

It was the same "WOW!" stamp that I gave her as a gift when I was a student in her 2nd grade classroom.

She's faced cancer.

Twice, I believe.

Now it's back again... and the outlook is not good.

This year her last class taught will be graduating.

When I was in her class we made these beautiful butterflies:

(This was her sample from many years ago.)

We probably used these same templates:

The templates are just one of the many things in the many boxes of classroom items she gave me when I started teaching.

My 2nd graders made her some butterflies this week to cheer her up.

Adorned with quotes to help her keep smiling,
I'm giving her the butterflies on Sunday when I go to visit her.

That and a hot fudge sundae from McDonald's.

**Thank you for everything Mrs. Germond!
You really are the reason I am doing what I love!**

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  1. So great to have someone so special in your life! You probably mean so much to her too. Tell her on Sunday, just what she means to you!