Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Capture - Up Close


These aren't as "Up Close" as I'd planned...

but I already had them from the week of "Old Signs"...

and since school is back in session I haven't had as much time to take pictures as I've wanted to.

Hopefully once I get things settled that'll change.

Second grade is turning out to be so much easier than fifth and even third...
easier to teach...
easier to grade...
so once the routine is going I'll do more picture taking.

In the mean time... here are my up close shots:
Not taken by Dad, but with Dad's camera!

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  1. nice shots. I especially love the airplane one at a slight angle. It looks like it is flying through the flowers.

  2. Great job! All of you bee shots are so nice!

  3. So nice! The first one is my favorite, the bee is so cute! =)

  4. Great job Katy!! I will have to post the wedding party... your Dad was part of... or maybe just save them for my cottage story!!!

  5. NIce nice nice, specially the airplane shots! :)