Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Capture - Your Holiday!

(Disclaimer: Please be gentle... I took these with my cell camera and haven't figured out or well enough to make them look nicer yet. That's what I get for sending the point and shoot to New York with Westin! I should just steal borrow Dad's dslr!)

I made ornaments with my students from old Christmas cards:

I made a wreath out of ornaments...
(One of my "shatterproof" ornaments, straight from the box):
All lined up (because I'm OCD like that):
Wiring them up:
My glittery hand:
The finished product!(That didn't even fit between the door and the storm door... so it's been sitting on my floor!!

We put up our mini-apartment-sized tree...

I made Mom an ornament wreath too!

We went Grocery Shopping for some (31) needy families in town:

And the cashier was a nutcracker!

Abbe wore a delightful holiday sweater...

We were our silly selves!

For more You Capture goodness... check out I Should Be Folding Laundry!


**Watch for 2 more "catch-up" posts today... school Thanksgiving and Christmas ones!
I'm trying to get a few posts in before the end of the year!**

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  1. Love the line... the cashier was a nutcracker!! Hey I want that wreath that doesn't work so well for you...It would be beautiful on my door!!! I'll borrow it till you can use it!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ms. Laser!!