Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Capture - Love Around Your Home

This has been such a long week without my laptop!  Sadly, the charger bit the dust on Sunday.  THANKFULLY, I'd ordered a new one Saturday night!  (It was sparking at me... bad sign.)  For the past 5 days I've been jumping on Westin's MacBook whenever I got the chance.

Now, let me tell you... I have never been one who wanted a Mac.  (Okay, maybe I did back in high school when they had those colorful ones that were pretty sweet looking... remember those?  But that infatuation was purely based on looks... not how they worked.)  Now I'm rethinking that... I want a nicer camera (understatement)... and his Mac has AMAZING graphics... a new DSLR and MacBook would go perfectly together!  Ok, ok... I'll come out of my dream world now!
So, without further ado... my You Capture entry for the week...
Love Around My Home!

On the fridge...

(I put these red hearts with sayings on them all over the apartment for Valentine's Day last year... this is the only one still up!  No worries... the others were saved!)

My Teddy (from Westin when we were first dating) and his Hulk...

Our toothbrushes sharing a spot...

The sign over our bed...

A message Westin left me just after we moved in... a year and a half ago!

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  1. Great shots! I love that you still have the note he left on the refrigerator a year and a half ago.

  2. Just stopping by from You Capture to take a peek inside your life and leave some comment love.

  3. This post was totally sweet. It made me smile! I love love! And yours seems so perfect : )

  4. This entry brought a smile to my face. You guys are so in love, it's beautiful!
    Wonderful shots. =)