Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I don't usually use this for these kinds of posts... but I really need some thoughts and prayers sent this way.  The next couple of months are really up in the air... Westin graduates on Mother's Day... He's job hunting and has a couple of really good prospects... I have a really good chance at getting in full-time at the school I'm at now... Unfortunately only 1 of Westin's prospects is in a relatively close proximity to my job.  I'm trying to be really understanding of his job hunt, but I just keep feeling selfish... and I know I need to stop.

So if you could spare a few minutes... would you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers?  I just want what is the best to happen for us, and I don't want to feel selfish about it anymore.

Thank you...


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  1. Nothing selfish at all Katy!!! You waited a l o n g time for this opportunity. What is Westin's degree? Where are the other prospects? Sometimes teaching jobs come easier in other areas... you know that. Good luck thinking and planning all this good stuff. Positive thinking. What's meant to be ... will be. Hugs to you!!! Love ya!