Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Good Old Fashioned Tea Party!

Last weekend Mom and I took a trip to Findlay... it was a two-fold trip.

The second reason we went was to see some new puppies... more about that in a few days!

The first reason we went was for Mom's good friend's 50th birthday.

Mom and Gay have been friends since my parents started dating.  They've been through a LOT together the past 30+ years and are an inspiration as to how a true friendship lasts over time and distance no matter what.

When Mom had breast cancer Gay called and checked on her everyday.  She really is one of the best people out there and I was very glad to be included in her 50th Birthday TEA PARTY!!  Here are some pictures of the day...

The top of our dessert tower:

We ate the rest before I remembered to take a picture!  It was all so tasty!
The birthday girl:

Her four beautiful daughters:

My Momma and Gay:

Happy birthday Gay!!
(Today's the big day!)


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  1. Happy Birthday to Gay... I remember her from way back when!! Remind me of her daughters names... can't remember them all. Love those little tea parties!