Monday, July 26, 2010


I think I got my kinks worked out!

I have a new background up... 

I got Blogger set up so my signature is automatically on the right, where I usually put it anyways!

But onto the update that's been "on deck"!

Since my last good sized post:

*We had a "Cousins Only!" sleepover!
(Oh, yeah... Cousins Only +Westin!)

*Westin graduated!!!!

*We went to GA for Warrior Dash!

*School is out!  Yay summer!

*Westin got a job!!!
*I'm working at the Ducati dealership again.

*We moved!  Woo hoo!
I LOVE our new apartment.
It's bigger,
it's more open,
it's gorgeous!
And did I mention, I LOVE it?!

We're really enjoying living closer to friends (yay Mikey, Emily & Makayla!!) and being a *little* closer to Westin's job!

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  1. All sounds good... Glad you are getting alot of babysitting practice too with the friends being so close!! Have a good week!!