Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Capture - Summer!

So, I thought I set this up to post at 7am today...
And I just double checked it...
Yup, set up for 8/5/10 at 7am.
That is today, right?
Stupid Blogger...


I haven't participated in You Capture in awhile... oh, how crazy life gets!
And summer is supposed to be my vacation!!

Here is summer to me:

Working at the Ducati shop...

Going out on Lake Erie...

Being goofy w/ Westin at the park!

And ice cream sandwiches shared with my honey!
(He ate the outer edges that were cut away and gave me the heart!)

For more summer photo fun... check out I Should Be Folding Laundry!




  1. The ice cream sandwich is too cute!

  2. So romantic.... now where is the ring!! Just Joking Westin... no rush really, I know you love the girl!

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