Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Picture Tour of my Classroom

Only 2 months later than promised!

 My wall outside of the classroom ~ welcoming all my new kiddos!

 Daily check-in apples and restroom cards!

 File folder games ~ hadn't been delivered yet when I got set up!

 Math boxes, mailboxes, etc...

 Homework board.

 My whiteboard.  I should update this picture.  There's a LOT more on it now!

 Pirate Centers (Language Arts Centers) tubs.

 Extra supplies.

 Who is in which center?

 Birthday chart.


 Job board.

 Student of the Week!

 View from front right corner.

 View from back right corner.

 View from back left corner.

 View from front right corner (my desk).

 This is one of those things I got from my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Germond, when she retired.

Spelling and Vocabulary wall!  (All of that paper is held up with masking tape!  Oh, cement walls...)



  1. Love it! Great job Katie. I am sure children are inspired to learn in your classroom! Keep up the great work~ some people, YOU, were born to be teachers! Thank you for all you do to brighten children's lives!!

  2. I love how your room looks, orderly , colorful and enticing. You make learning look like fun ! Great job !!!!