Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2010-2011 Classroom

When we were down in Georgia over Memorial Day weekend my cousin Bubby's wife Cathy asked me if she could see pictures of my classroom.  I have gotten a new phone since I took pictures of the room, so I wasn't able to show her them at the time.  I have decided to put them up here.  I may have done this at the beginning of the year, but I can't remember now... Oops!

So, first... pictures of how my room looked at the beginning of the year:
 (Spelling & Vocabulary words of the week)
(Word of the Week - this was something MY 2nd grade teacher did when I was in her class!)
 (Since we are the Southeast Pirates I tried to incorporate pirate things into our classroom.  These cardboard swords were found at Michael's on clearance last summer.  I spray painted them and wrote students' names on them.  After I was done with them being on the wall in the hallway I put them on the fronts of their desks in the classroom.)
 (Attendance at a glance)
 (Partner poems & file folder games)
 (Mailboxes & Math Manipulative Boxes)
 (Weekly Homework - I ended up taking this down once I had an interactive whiteboard to use)
 (Buckets for my Language Arts Centers - didn't have room to keep them set up in places, so these were portable.  In keeping with the Pirate theme, I called these Pirate Centers!)
 (Drawers are numbered and hold extra supplies students bring in so they don't have to clutter their desks with them.  Supplies on the right are extras if theirs go missing.)
 (Again, got these Skull & Crossbone clipboards at Michael's on clearance... 2 summers ago!  Spray painted them and put stickers on with group numbers.  I printed off lists for my Language Arts (Pirate) Centers and posted them here.)
( View of my whiteboard.)
 (Birthday graph)
 (Classroom Jobs)
 (Student of the Week)
 (View from front right corner - yellow cards are to help organize supplies and papers brought in at Open House.)
 (View from door, back right corner.)
 (View from back left corner)
(View from my desk, front left corner)

My "Christmas tree", since I didn't have room for a tree in my room:

Other random pictures from the year:
(Mother's Day Tea)
(Not in my classroom, but in the main hall by the office... LOVE this!)
(Encouragement for the 3rd graders who were my 2nd graders last year before they took the state assessments!)

(Spring Chicks lining our hallway!)

(Popcorn whole class behavior chart - won a popcorn/movie party when it was filled!)

(A real stuffed turkey visited us at Thanksgiving!)

(My Halloween costume - SICK!)


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