Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday!

Yay, it's Friday! Boo... it's my last day of Spring Break - well, last weekday anyways! I'd planned to go into school and get some things done to make the last 6 weeks or so easier (get copying done, straighten up some stuff...). I had ALL INTENTIONS of spending a whole day there this week and being super-productive.

Yup. You guessed it. I procrastinated. And so my super-long list of "Things to Do Over Spring Break" will be sitting on my desk laughing at me Monday morning!

Before I get too "into" today... I forgot the other day to mention where I got my super-cute background from! I don't know how I forgot... but I did! Anywho... I lurk around on this website called The Nest. It's the "married version" of The Knot. Well, I know I'm not married (yet - 2097, baby!) but the website is a lot of home stuff... decor, entertaining, living together life... etc. You get the idea, right? One of the forums that I really enjoy lurking on is the Craft one. The wonderful ladies there all have amazing ideas and post pictures and help each other out. One of my favorites to see what she's crafting is JannyPie. (She's also on my crafty blog list to the right!) She has some super cute blog backgrounds that she designed, and this is one of hers!

So, back on track now... here's how my Friday has been spent (well, the first 4 hours anyways...)

Westin's the Best Man in his friend Mikey's wedding tomorrow, so I figured I'd just get dressed for the rehearsal dinner after my morning shower instead of stressing later about it. (Have I mentioned yet that we still don't have a present?!)

I get all dressed... my dressy jeans (I wanted to wear a skirt, but was told I'd be WAY over dressed...)... my black v-neck/3-quarter sleeve sweater... looking cute... and I raise my arm to find THIS:Yup! A hole in my armpit! SERIOUSLY?! This is the SECOND sweater in about 2 weeks... ok, 2 weeks and 1 day to be precise... that I've found a hole in the armpit of! What is going on!? The other one looked like someone got hungry and ATE a hole out of it. It was so tattered around the edges it wasn't even savable. (Is that a word?! It is now!) I'm debating just sewing this one up, since it's on the seam... but the rest of the material around it is looking pretty thin too... so I'm thinking it may not be worth it. Doesn't matter... I'm still wearing it today. I just need to remember NOT to raise my left arm!!!!

For my early "Christmas" present last year Westin got me this really cool Nokia Internet Tablet. I really wanted a Kindle book reader, but they're so darn expensive! So we found this fun little thing on eBay! When I was working at the daycare, it was great! I'd throw it in my purse and at lunch go to Starbucks, hang out, read on my little computer, and it also got WiFi, so I could chat with Westin at the same time!

Ok, time to do some math... I got the Nokia mid-December... I left the daycare and got a REAL classroom mid-January... so I used the Nokia for about a month. It's sat on the shelf since then. As much as I love the idea of it, when I'm at home I'd much rather have a BOOK in my hand than a mini-computer! The decision was made to eBay it (again... poor Nokia - it must feel so unloved to be eBay'ed TWICE now!)

I can officially say I sold my first thing on eBay!! Ok, so it was on Westin's account... and he gets the money for it since he bought it originally... but he made ME write up the auction for it... made ME check on it everyday... and made ME pack it up and take it to the post office today! Here it is in all it's packaged glory before the trip to the USPS.

I do good work, don't I?

Ok... Y&R is on... and I AM still on Spring Break... time to enjoy it for a few more hours!

Other notes (more for myself than others... but if you know how to help, I'll gladly appreciate it! Which reminds me... thank you to Rebecca at RootsAndWingsCo (another favorite on the right) for the help with adding pictures! It definitely worked a lot better this way!!)

Notes for me:
  • Find out how to change (make?) header better at top.
  • Find out how to add cute signature to end of post.
  • Find out how to use CUTE fonts... seriously?! Times New Roman?! Arial?! Georgia?! BORING!
  • I know there was more... but I don't remember what now.

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