Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sarne is 18 today...

It's official. I started a blah-g. I've become so addicted (for lack of better word) to other people's blah-g's and a whole ton of craft blah-g's that I finally decided to do it. Mostly I'm doing it to keep track of my craftiness that is emerging lately... (mostly inspired by those craft blah-g's mentioned previously), but also to share recipes I find (and love) and just things happening.

I'll post the Pizza Casserole escapade another time... it's really the inspiration for me to start this, but alas, it's not the first topic I'm going to write about!

(This isn't the original picture I was looking for... but apparently it's the only one I have that's easily accessible... Sarne's the one in the back row on the right!)

Can you believe it?! I still remember the first time that Mom and I went down to Columbus to see her! Yikes. That makes me feel really old. Well Shorty - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I'm on Spring Break this week - yay! (No pay this week - boo!) So Monday I played lazy day and laid in bed until noon... then did laundry and nothing else all day!
Yesterday I went to Norwalk for a hott minute and visited with Rachel in the art room at Main Street - I love doing that! :0) After that I headed up to Sandusky... Mom had 2 more hours of work, so I went to Pat Catan's and JoAnn's and picked up a few things to be crafty for my "neice" Emily. Her 1st birthday is coming up... and while Iwill probably not have these things finished (or to her) in time, I am working hard on them!! One has to wait for 2 more things... (1) the material to arrive (I won it on eBay yesterday and it was shipped today and (2) I have to work on it at home with Mom since I don't have my own sewing machine (yet - I asked for one for my birthday!)
(This is Emily and I at Christmas!)

Ok... time to get back to my Day of Craftiness! I've got hard boiled eggs sitting on my table waiting to be dyed and some other things waiting to be painted for Miss Emily. (Not telling what those fun things are yet!)

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