Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The end of May... a bit late!

Memorial Day weekend we went to Wisconsin for my cousin Laura's wedding.

Westin struggling with his shoes....

My beautiful cousin Marissa!
(Prom Queen this year at her school!)

Mr. and Mrs. Laura and Phil!!!

On the way back from Wisconsin, we stopped in Chicago and saw Abbe, Jennifer, Nate & EMILY!
(Yes, all of my Chicago pictures are of Emily! Abbe - do you have the ones we took of us girls on your camera??)
At the train station waiting on our ride... She enjoyed playing with my phone while we waited!

Checking it out...

Super-excited about the Happy Meal toy the lady beside us on the bus gave her!
(Aunt Abbe looks pretty excited too!)

Makin' faces!

Later that week we had my Aunt Janice's funeral. Aunt Janice was one of my dad's sisters.
Uncle Don and Aunt Cheryl
(Can't tell he's dad's brother, can you??)

Front: Aunt Dolores and Uncle Herm
Back: Uncle Don, Aunt Cheryl, Dad, Mom, Aunt Jean, Uncle Ron, Aunt Naomi, Uncle Rick and Mary

Dad and Uncle Don claim they're "Big Dee's favorites"!

The Remaining Laser Children
Back: Uncle Rick & Aunt Naomi
Front: Dad, Aunt Dolores, & Uncle Don
Not Pictured: Aunt Kathy

Sisters! Aunt Dee and Aunt Naomi

Front: Karen and I (Oldest and Youngest!)
Back: Kevin, Margaret, Roberta, Don, Michelle, Brenda, Brian, Paul, Kendra, Becca, & Tommy!
(I think I got everyone!)
Us again a bit closer!

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