Friday, July 10, 2009

The Email That Started it All...

This is an email I wrote a few weeks before I started blogging... Enjoy!

This is a moment for which I wish that I blogged. Too bad these moments are so few and far between!

Pizza Casserole. (Recipe follows at bottom.)

So on my way home from school today I told Westin that I was stopping at Target to pick up a couple of things first. Since he has class until 6:30 on Wednesday’s he asked if I would find something for dinner while there. No problem!

The idea of something out of the Target freezer section didn’t appeal to me tonight though... so I started thinking. Monday night my friend Jeanna (like Gina, only spelled uniquely!) asked for dinner suggestions via Facebook status and a friend of hers suggested Pizza Casserole. I thought it sounded delicious at the time and filed it away in my “ooh, remember that one” file in my head. (Yes, there is such a place… it just doesn’t always work very well!)

So I then had a plan... but was in the Target parking lot already and wasn’t going home to get the recipe. Thank heavens for cell phones and text messages! I texted Jeanna and she sent me the ingredients! So after Target I ran to the Big Bird (Giant Eagle... although I keep wanting to call it Fry’s, which was my store in AZ) and picked up the goods and came home.

First, I browned the meat... yum!!

(Bob Evans Italian Sausage, by the way.)

While I did that the noodles cooked. (My picture of this wasn’t pleasant looking... so I deleted right away – sorry!).

When all the pre-cooking was done, it was time to mix it all together. This is where the fun comes in. I’m new to the “having my own kitchen” thing and still collecting pieces to use. So I put the stuff in 1 bowl...

(picture pre-veggies) and soon realized I was going to run out of room...

enter bowl #2...

(again pre-veggies)...

and again, not enough room...

bowl #3!

Finally it was split up enough to be able to add my veggies

and actually STIR!

Once all stirred, I dished it up in my 9x13 pan as called for...

and quickly ran out of room!

So my 8x8 pan got pulled out of reserves and put on active duty.

Now it’s cookin’! Looks so yummy, I can’t wait to try it!

Ok, ok... recipe time!

Pizza Casserole

1lb ground beef - browned (I used the Bob Evans sausage listed above instead… sausage just sounds better on pizza!)

1 onion – chopped (I only used ½ of the onion b/c I wasn’t sure if Westin would want as much in it as I would.)

1 bag shredded mozzarella cheese

1 bag pepperoni (I didn’t use the whole bag, only b/c Westin’s the only one who eats it! Although he did later request more next time.)

2-16 oz. jars of pizza sauce (My choice – Mid’s. I was afraid this would be way too much in the beginning... but once mixing I almost wanted part of a 3rd jar. The only other pizza sauce we had was Ragu and I wasn’t about to ruin my Mid’s with that!!)

1 box macaroni (elbow) pasta – cooked and drained

Any other pizza toppings of your choice – I only added fresh mushrooms, but green pepper sounds good too!

Once noodles and meat are cooked, mix all ingredients together. (Use a frickin’ huge bowl… or 3 regular sized ones!!) Put into 9x13 (and 8x8 if necessary!) dish and bake for 35 minutes or so. (I did it at 350* b/c Jeanna’s friend didn’t say how hot and that sounded good to me since it’s pretty much just heating everything up and cooking the veggies.)

Rumor is it’s delicious! Waiting for it to get out of the oven and Westin to get home now so I can try it!

And to let you know... it WAS delicious! And we ate it for a week straight! Next time I'd probably cut the recipe in 1/2 if it's just for the 2 of us! Mom made it a few weeks later. She and dad enjoyed the small pan and she took the bigger pan to work for a potluck. It was well received there as well! Oh, and mom got me a HUGE (8 qt??) mixing bowl for my birthday, so hopefully I'll be able to mix it all in one bowl next time!


  1. Yum... does sound really good! I will try it too! Thanks Katypie!

  2. KatyPie...its Mesa Colorado!! Tegan is getting married there at Powderhorn resort!