Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day 2011

I must be the worst blogger ever.  My apologies!

Last week Westin mentioned that they were going to be having a recognition for the Veterans at his work.  He told me how HR had sent out an email listing all of the Veterans and that there were 22.

What a kwinky-dink!

I have 22 students this year!

So, being the sly one I am... my students made Veterans Day cards for him to take to work on Friday.

I used my Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge for my Cricut to cut out bodies.  They made all of the "gear" for them.  This was my sample... that Westin confiscated and hung up on the outside of his cubicle on Friday!

They are SO cute!

I tried to get them to rotate... for some reason they didn't upload the way they are on my computer.  Thanks, Blogger!

This one was my favorite:

Just look at that camo!!!

Later in the day Westin sent me this email from one of the gentlemen he works with:

Wes, please forward to your fiance. 
(Hmm... maybe he knows something I don't?!)

Miss Laser,
        I would like to thank you and your 3rd grade class for all the cards we received today. This kind gesture meant a lot to me and I am sure many others here at Parker! 
I think they were well received!

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  1. Love this Katy! So great! May I borrow the camo one for next veterans day to post on facebook? Love it! You are kind and good!